Our firm which has been in service in Tekirdag / Corlu since 03.12.1994, has an industrial registry certificate dated 09.11.2004. Currently, we are working in a factory with 4200 square meters of closed area.

Our business segments can be listed as machine manufacturing industry, textile, food, leather, glass, construction, heavy-duty machinery and automotive.

What you can find in Öz-sac are; stainless, aluminum, steel, galvanized, perforated steel plates, all kinds of drawn and straight tread steel plates and stainless angle, profile, sheet bar, and bar which are all certified.

Besides these products, all kinds of cutting, bending, chamfering and welding are done by our professional crews.

A : Marmaracık Mahallesi 1984. Sokak No: 9/A Ergene / Tekirdağ / Turkey    T : +90 282 673 31 99    F : +90 282 673 28 57    E :